Travel and Expense Reporting App
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Travel and Expense Reporting

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Travel and Expense Reporting App with digital forms and mobile charts to analyze your expenses
  • Easily create expense reports
  • Capture images of receipts/bills/checks
  • Propose trips to get supervisors' approval
  • Show locations of the entries
  • Calculate your expenses
  • Preview chart summaries
  • Work online and offline
  • Save time and reduce expenses
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Use Expense reporting app to track money spends.

There is a lot of expense tracking software out there, however, users need not just to track where the money did go, but also analyze the expenses via pies and charts. Consistency plays a huge part in the data collection process – since you need to enter the expenses on a regular basis. There’s a great expense reporting app with digital forms and mobile charts to analyze your expenses, it is called Travel and Expense Reporting App. This app was built by Snappii, a codeless app development platform, and is free to download from both Apple and Google Stores. This app contains convenient digital forms allowing you to create expense reports on your smartphone or tablet, capture and insert images of checks, receipts, invoices and bills, and share this information via PDF/Excel file. Here’s how the Travel and Expense Reporting App works.

  • Start with capturing receipts, they will all be saved and available for creating reports.
  • Create reports under section “Create Expense Report”
  • Analyze your expenses by using pie charts in “Chart”
  • Managers can review all your reports under section “Manager’s Review”

Visualize your expenses with mobile charts

Both digital forms and mobile charts are a great opportunity to save your time and money, improve business workflow and increase team collaboration. Besides, it is easy to track your expenses visually: just check out the mobile chart in your expense reporting app to see what cost you the most. Being on a business trip, just open the app and start filling out one of the digital forms. Take a photo of the receipt, select the expense category, enter the amount spent and save it. To create an expense report, you can auto-fill total amount spent from the “Receipts” section, add your signature and send the digital form to the office manager. Mobile charts can be accessed through the button placed in this report, so you can review the percentage of spends you had. Travel and Expense Reporting app not just collects the information about your expenses, but also puts it in a convenient PDF/Excel file and shares it with your co-workers. Digital forms are easy to fill out, they can’t get lost or damaged so you can rest assured all your expenses are entered. Download Travel and Expense Reporting app and enjoy the simplicity of digital forms and mobile charts in one app.

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